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The beauty of our specialty leathers is not only in the exquisite craftsmanship, quality and innovation, but the ease of ordering, short lead times and competitive pricing.

Most products can be purchased in quantities as small as one hide.

Embossed Leathers
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Weave Gold
Stingray Metallic Gr
Mosaic Grey Silver
Diamond Ivory Bronze
Crosshatch Taupe
Cemento Beige Silver
Hex Tile - Black
Laurenti Black
Honeycomb Smokey
Escher Smokey
Cotele Maison Gris
Caiman Blue
Caiman Grey Moro
Prism White Pearl
Prism Smokey
Basket Weave Brown
Panda Dark Brown
Cocollo 1 Olive Bron
Cocollo 2 Iron
Cocollo 3 Saddle Gol
Cocollo 4 Saddle Bro

Colors on screen may differ from actual product color. For accuracy order your sample.